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Poster: RupertMartin Date: Sep 2, 2009 3:44pm
Forum: ourmedia Subject: where is my video? (response from staff)

Hi All,

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit library that manages on a very small staff. Part of what makes it all work is crowdsourcing and sharing information in the forums.

A user recently wrote to ask:


any idea where this video disappeared to

Turns out the video hasn't disappeared at all. It's just that the link the user is pointing to isn't a permanent link.

Here's the permanent link:

The link that starts with ia300032 points to a particular hard drive. Our engineers run operations that change the location of items on hard drives, as part of routine maintenance, space efficiency, etc.

So when you want to share a link, please note you want to share the permanent link!

One more tip:
When you upload your video or other item, please do include a sentence or two description. It helps more viewers find your work (now and in the future! does forward migration of video items).

It also helps your item not get tagged as spam by the spam filter. (so real words matter here.) can handle metadata in just about any language, so long as it's coded in UTF-8:

(1) example of language:korean

(2) example of language: Arabic

filename support is more limited. See